Laborator Colentina Sit experimental hidrogeologic Colentina Modelare Geologica si Hidrogeologica Revitalizarea Terenurilor Contaminate Sisteme Informationale Geografice (SIG) in Hidrogeologie Vulnerabilitatea Acviferelor Hidrogeologie
Groundwater Engineering Research Centre Colentina hydrogeological experimental site Geological and hydrogeological modeling Revitalization of contaminant sites Geographic Information Systems (SIG) in hydrogeology Vulnerability of aquifers Hydrogeology

About us

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Research at CCIAS (the Groundwater Engineering Research Centre focuses on the characterization of permeable media using hydraulic and hydrochemical data and on the human impact on groundwater.

Applications include groundwater resources evaluation, urban groundwater, groundwater-infrastructure interactions, ...

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Research projects


01. SIMPA - Sedimentary media modelling platform for groundwater management in urban areas.

02. TIMBRE - An Integrated Framework Of Methods, Technologies, Policy Tools for Brownfield Regeneration in Europe.

03. THIMA - Near real-time earthquake building damage assessment using GeoTool capabilities.

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The Groundwater Engineering Research Centre is housed in the Colentina Laboratories, Faculty of Hydrotechnics, Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest

The centre undertakes research work both in the lab and on site.

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